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Wednesday, 1 February 2017


In December my friend Tasha and I took a little city break to Amsterdam, and oh my god, we fell in love. It was everything we expected it to be and so much more - stylish, arty and tasty!
I generally like to eat as healthy as possible and Tasha has to eat a gluten-free diet so we always get a bit anxious when travelling, but we were absolutely inundated with choice. It was a clean-eaters paradise. Acai bowls, buckwheat pancakes, avocado on toast, protein smoothies... It was everywhere! So here are 3 of my favourite restaurants from our trip.

This was a gorgeous little restaurant that was practically on our doorstep, we spotted it whilst walking to another cafe and just had to go in here instead. Dignita is the most instagramable restaurant that's cleverly laid out over three floors. They serve an all day brunch menu, creating everything from scratch with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients when possible. We were absolutely spoilt for choice, they had everything on menu that you could possibly want. Tasha went for some quinoa porridge packed full of nuts, fruit and dark chocolate shavings - it looked truly scrumptious, I had real food envy. I went for the nutty granola which was full of brazil nuts, almonds, seeds, dates, papaya, banana and homemade chai jam with an in-house fermented vegan coconut yoghurt. It was the hugest portion of granola I've ever eaten, I sure got my moneys worth, and it was very delicious. And if you were (impossibly) still hungry after eating you could also choose from their huge selection of freshly baked cakes - yum. The vibe was very relaxed and the staff were so friendly. Oh and the coffee was really great too.

We went to The Meets for dinner on our first evening in Amsterdam. It felt like it was tucked away in the most unlikely of places but it was such a hidden treasure. Their whole menu is deliciously healthy and they serve at breakfast, lunch and dinner with all-day options. All food is handmade with locally-sourced and organic (if available) ingredients, free from refined sugars. The restaurant also follows an 80/20 rule of 80% plant based and 20% animal produce. Tasha had a vegan bean chilli with gluten free tortilla chips and a whole avocado, and I had their Sri Lanken curry bowl with coconut milk, sweet potato, green peppers and rice. It was amazing! It was the perfect no-guilt comfort food and was definitely something I would cook at home so it felt like a real treat to be able to order it to be cooked for me! Again, their was a very relaxed and cool vibe here, it felt like we were sitting in someone's trendy living room, and they were playing good music too. 

This breakfast was by far my favourite meal from the whole trip... In fact I think it is the best breakfast I've ever had. The Breakfast Club also had an all day breakfast/brunch menu (as we found most trendy places in 'Dam had) and they serve both healthy and not-so-healthy options so they have something to keep you happy if you're feeling naughty too. They are famous for their pancakes so of course we had to try some. We had the Buckwheat Pumpkin Pancakes with pecans, blueberries, creme fraiche and blackberry sage jam. And  h o l y c r a p  they were damn good! The biggest stack of pancakes I've ever had. They were fluffy, stodgy, not too sweet and so very flavoursome. We also caught sight of someone's New York buttermilk pancakes too and they also looked so so good. The layout of the restaurant itself was very interesting, they had some stepped platforms with tables on each level. Our waiter was truly lovely, the Dutch are just so welcoming and chilled. It was quite a walk for us to get here, it took us about 45 minutes, and it was absolutely freezing cold, but fortunately there are some amazing vintage shops and boutique stores around this area so we were kept entertained. A must visit!

I can't help but just quickly mention this place. On our last morning we visited COFFEE & COCONUTS for brunch. The restaurant was breathtaking - it was built inside a former cinema in the 1920s, so the ceilings are incredibly tall with the original beams and many floors of which you can look over each one below. As the name suggests, they have many coconut options on the menu such as coconut pancakes and a green coconut bowl, as well as tons of homemade juices, all-day breakfasts and a peanut butter jelly sandwich. They also have their own little shop where you can actually buy their granola and coffee beans. The coffee was probably the best I had in Amsterdam, too!

Thank you for reading! A new outfit / style post will be up on Sunday 4pm,
F. x


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