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Monday, 31 August 2015


This Summer has been a bit of a whirlwind! 
James and I decided to do a three-trip holiday this year, first visiting Florence, then Sicily and lastly Rome, all in 16 days..

Our flight from Gatwick to Florence was delayed 22 hours and we ended up having to spend our first night, which should have been in Florence, in a hotel at the airport! So our trip was shortened by one day and we had a lot of sightseeing to squeeze into two days. Luckily, Florence is much smaller than it looks on the map so everything was within walking distance and it was super easy for us to pick and choose where we wanted to see.

The stunning Florence Cathedral. It was the most beautiful building I've ever laid my eyes on - it was so incredible that it actually looked like a hologram! 

We visited some lovely restaurants but this had to be my favourite dish on our trip. Osteria Pastella make their own homemade pasta in the window of the restaurant which was so cute and quirky. I had the truffle tagliatelle. 

We stayed at the Grand Hotel Cavour and it was absolutely stunning. We had such an amazing view from the room terrace and it was literally a 1 minute walk to the Florence Cathedral.

We climbed to the top of Florence Cathedral to see the stunning panoramic views of the city! It was a very tight, hot and a slow climb up but it was breath-taking once we got to the top and I'm so glad we did it. James was in total awe of the view and actually took photos himself (rare!)



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  1. On my recent holiday to Egypt my friend and I bought a 2 litre water bottle so we could brush our teeth. To our discovery we had accidentally purchased sparkling water instead of still. YUCK! Lol Xx



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